Milja Praagman (Amsterdam 1971) grew up in Den Dungen in an old house on a dike, with lots of animals and lots of space around the house. She studied graphic design at the Academy for Visual Arts Sint Joost in Breda. After the academy she lived in France for a year. In 1995 she returned to the Netherlands and started with a starting stipendium as an independent designer / illustrator. Her clients were mainly newspapers and magazines in the beginning. Later she also worked for Okki, Bobo, Sesame Street and Taptoe, and drawing for children became her main occupation. She makes animations for Sesame Street television. By illustrating and especially by coming up with a story commission for Okki et al. There were also many new ideas for ‘own’ stories. One of those stories was her first picture book, Mr. Potty, which was immediately well received by the press. Since then she can no longer be stopped. In Milja’s books, small people and animals go their own way. Tough and with a subtle sense of humor, with which she also appeals to the reading parent. Her stories are an ode to the imagination.

Milja’s books have been translated all over the world, from; U.S.A., Canada, Denmark, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, Korea, Iran, Spain, Galicië, Israël, Vietnam to China.


Another 100 nights of sleep, about the girl Dorus that cheerful triangles cut out of clothing to make a flagship garland, was chosen as Picture Book of the Year 2013. In 2017, Because I love you so much crowned with a Silver Brush. What I find beautiful won the ‘vlag en wimpel’  in 2020.

Photo © Jitske Schols


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